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Lazer Tag
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Laser Tag is a non impact game using markers that fire beams of light instead of paint balls. This means that it can be enjoyed by all ages.

Outdoor laser tag is different from indoor laser tag due to the game zones and areas being the same as paintball. The areas are situated on the fields near Twechar and so the surrounding area is beautiful. The weapons fire beams of light at the other team's weapons and remove lives instead of covering them in painful paint blasts. This means that protective equipment is not needed and you do not have to purchase extra balls when you run out.

We can offer stand alone sessions or use the laser tag system as an introduction to our Splat Master system.

Laser Tag Markers

We use a system of laser rifles and a few laser pistols. These weapons are basic and used to introduce people to combat games. The weapons themselves can be programmed into teams and allow for different fire types. This lets Saltire Paintball create fun games as a first step into the combat game area.


Introduction Session
£10 per person up to 40 minutes.

Laser Tag Sessions
£18 per person up to 2 hours.

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